Valkyria Chronicles fact sheet


Title: Valkyria Chronicles™
Platforms: PS3
Genre: Action/Strategy RPG
Street Date: November 2008
Age Rating : PEGI 16+
Target: Strategy/Action/JRPG fans
Players: 1
Barcode: TBC

Embark on an epic adventure through beautiful environments and battle legions of troops to save the small country of Gallia from total destruction. Valkyria Chronicles™ is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s Europe on the verge of a great war. The game follows Welkin, a heroic commander who leads his small platoon against two neighbouring enemy nations on the brink of war. As Welkin’s small country of Gallia is engulfed in battle, the emergence of the “Valkyria”- an ancient race with special powers thought to exist only in legends, turns the tide of the war. Faced with a new threat, Welkin and his troops gather their courage to fight for their freedom and a hope for a better future.

Key USPs:
• Matchless Mix of Strategy and Action
Control each battlefield strategically from above, but drop down and take direct control of each squad member or vehicle in a third-person action style. Fuses tactical planning with real-time shooting.

• Stunning Art Style
Utterly unique graphical engine transforms anime art into a moving watercolour painting. A jaw-dropping look that has to be seen to be believed.

• Epic RPG Campaign
Customise and ‘level-up’ characters to configure your perfect platoon for each battle. Sweeping storyline that will appeal to Final Fantasy and JRPG fans, while fantastic reimagined WW2 technology and fast-pace captures action gamers.

• “CANVAS” graphics engine: Cutting-edge graphics engine producing breathtaking artwork fully leveraging the capabilities of the Playstation3. Creates images that look like watercolor paintings in motion.

• “BLiTZ” tactical battle system: Experience strategic manoeuvring of units and conventional RPG gameplay; but adds the excitement of action games with real-time controls as players command each squad member and tank in battle.

• Epic storyline: Players will immerse themselves in the epic struggle for freedom, as the fate of the world lies in the hands of Welkin and the members of the 7th platoon.

• Customisation: Over 100 customisable characters allow players to create a variety of platoons to suit each battle’s needs.

• Beautifully rendered battlefields: Players explore 30 different environments, using unique terrain features to gain advantages in battle.

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