TeknoCreations InCharge Dual Charge Station review

TeknoCreations InCharge Dual Charge Station

· Charges through Nintendo Silicon skins and most other protective skins
· Uses Lithium Polymer Batteries for increased charging power and reliability
· Charge up to two Wii remotes simultaneously
· Non-metal conductive charging solution (charge not effected by dirt or grime)
· Up to 25 hours of battery power per charge
· Rapid recharge solution
· 50% lighter than other charging solutions
· Easy to read LED charge indicator lights
· Easy to clean and saves on battery cost

The TeknoCreations InCharge Dual Charge Station has a pretty cool hook: it can charge through the silicone skins. Yes, no more removing the skins to change batteries, or charge the rechargables. I found this to work without the skins and with both the Nintendo skin that you get with the wiimotes, and the Kroo (black) silicone skin that I had bought a while back. Now, I didn’t use silicone skins until I received this product, as I thought they would be a pain in the rear to have to remove every battery change (every 2-3 days) or every charge. I also don’t like the Nintendo skin, as I can’t stick my WiiMote into my Guitar Hero Gibson for GHIII sessions.

The Tekno Incharge Dual Charge Station’s claims of 25 hours of battery charge are pretty high, and I found to be a bit short of actual use. Now, if I was using the Wiimote strictly for Virtual Console gaming, I might have squeezed more life out of the batteries, but using the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller with it, or using it in the guitar drained it in about 20 hours. This could also be that the remotes lose charge while sitting, as I noticed with one of my WiiMotes. It was on the last bar, and sat for 2 days. When I went to use it, it was completely dead.

The Rapid recharge solution is not as claimed either. Now, you do recharge fully in less time than some chargers, but from the dead WiiMote (with Silicone) to fully charged took over 7 hours, and from a mostly used state, it took 5 or so. Without silicone, I found a 6 hour dead charge and 5 or so again from mostly used. Silicone does make a difference in charge time. For most gamers this doesn’t since you would charge overnight anyhow.

One thing that users of this system may also find slightly annoying is that the lights blink *when charged*, so they’re solid while charging. This induces headaches if you leave them in the charger while watching a movie or something in the dark. I found that I had to remove them from the charger to keep my sanity! The unit is fairly compact, and requires a power source.

A nice feature of the charging base, and one I found lacking in most other chargers, is there is a small space in the middle of the charger, and since the wiiMotes lay down in the unit, the space is a perfect place to put the straps, instead of leaving them hanging over the edge.

Another cool feature that isn’t present on the list of features is that the battery/cover also has a “pass-through” for the wireless sync button. You need something to press it for you, as it’s slightly recessed to keep you from accidentaly pressing it. It’s something that I haven’t seen on the others that I have used or reviewed here.

If you’re looking for a good 2-WiiMote charging system, and love your silicone skins, this is a great system. I would have no problems recommending. The ease of use, and actual helpfulness of the sync button pass-through are something else to consider. There are no contacts to bend, nothing that can get dirty and not work, and you just place in the cradle, it charges!

Charges through silicon
Long battery life
Re-Sync without removing battery cover

6-8 Hour charge time can shorten gaming sessions.

If you make sure you fully charge before your marathon Smash Brothers Brawl session, you’ll have plenty of straight-through gaming, ensuring the need for some Monster or Bawls and Visine!

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


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