PayByCash Partners with OneCard for Middle Eastern Customers to Pay for Online Multiplayer Games

PayByCash®, a subsidiary of PlaySpan Inc., has added OneCard, through its relationship with Smart2Pay™, to provide more payment choices to online multiplayer game customers in the Middle East. OneCard is a pre-paid card that allows non-credit card customers to make speedy transactions. Available in over 4,500 retail outlets in Saudi Arabia alone, OneCard is also available in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Egypt for PayByCash’s merchant partners.

“PayByCash gives online merchants the ability to tap the global customer base that wants to pay without a credit card,” said Kevin Higgins, PayByCash’s president. “Pre-paid cards are rapidly becoming the payment method of choice for online gamers. Our partnership with OneCard expands the payment options for customers in this region of the world.”