Will Parents Be Video Game Winners This Holiday Season?

Game Crazy Helps Parents Pick the Perfect Video Games for Kids

WILSONVILLE, Ore., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Parents will be tested this year in their pursuit of the perfect video game-related gifts. According to the 2008 Game Crazy Holiday Gift Tracker, a nationwide survey of kids and parents, a whopping 96 percent of kids have a gaming system, and 90 percent of kids are planning to ask for at least one game this year, up from 80 percent in 2007. With video games topping kids’ wish lists, Game Crazy wants to help parents save time and money, pick the perfect gift and facilitate family fun.

“We went straight to the source for the second year in a row to find out what video games kids want and what they think their parents will actually buy them this holiday season,” said Wes Sand, senior vice president at Game Crazy. “The difference this year is that we also polled parents to determine their thoughts regarding video game gifting. The results show that video games are hotter than ever, and Game Crazy is here to be the resource for gift-givers and to help them avoid disappointment when the presents are opened.”

Giving Parents the Gift of Time and Money This Holiday Season
With 91 percent of parents planning to give their kids a video game this holiday season, it’s important to remember that purchasing the wrong video game – or the right game for the wrong system – can be disappointing. More than one-third of kids who have received the wrong game in the past say they just kept it, while another one-third asked their parents to go back and return the game – wasting time and money.In a time when wallets are already being squeezed, it benefits parents to get the right game, for the right system, from the beginning.

More than half of kids told us they get bored of their games in less than 5 months, but still keep them around collecting dust,” explained Sand. “We encourage parents to bring used games into Game Crazy where they can trade them in for another game.”

Parents can also save by purchasing a used game at Game Crazy for a discounted price. When buying a used game, parents have the option to ‘try before they buy’ so they can be confident the game is right for their child and in good condition.

Using Gaming as a Family Activity
Video games can make for great bonding time, bringing families together for some good, old-fashioned fun. In fact, 54 percent of parents polled said they plan to play video games with their kids over board games, card games and other activities.

Giving the perfect game can go a long way, as kids will go to great lengths to get a game they want. Forty-five percent of kids said they would either do household chores for two months or teach siblings to play a game in return for their video game of choice.

Helping Parents Pick the Perfect Game
Game Crazy went straight to the source and uncovered what games and systems kids want most this holiday season:

  • Some of the most popular games for holiday 2008 are in the Action, Music and Racing genres.
  • Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band II, Mario Kart and Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party II are expected to be among this year’s hottest-selling titles.
  • Kids even know what they want to get Santa this yearMore than one-third of kids say they would give Santaand Mrs. Claus a Wii Fit – probably to work off the extra holiday cookies!

Additional Buying Tips

To help parents this holiday season, the video game experts at Game Crazy offer these tips for choosing great video game gifts.

  • Parents should consider gaming accessories as gifts too. A rechargeable battery pack is the most vital accessory according to tweens and teens, followed closely by a guitar and racing wheel.
  • Always ask kids for a wish list. Eighty-four percent of parents polled said they plan to ask their kids for a wish list to ensure they purchase the proper game. Game Crazy also created a video game wish list that will be available at www.gamecrazy.com. Kids can complete it online and email it to a parent or they can print it and fill it out by hand.
  • Look for Game Crazy’s free “Parent’s Guide to Game Buying” brochure, which contains helpful tips for purchasing video game titles and systems. The brochure will be available at all Game Crazy retail locations or can be downloaded at www.gamecrazy.com.


The Game Crazy survey was conducted online August 17-31, 2008, by Weekly Reader Research. One thousand U.S. male and female participants, ages 8-17, were recruited from Weekly Reader Research’s INSIDERS survey research community. Random sampling procedures were employed to ensure the respondents accurately reflect the nation’s 42.7 million 8-17 year olds in terms of age, race/ethnicity, gender and census region. The margin of error is +/- 3.1 percent at the 95 percent confidence interval.


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