Zu Online: Bead Fairy PvP Guide

Epic battles occur all the time in the Zu Online ( http://zu.igg.com/) world. Most adventurers would rather fight for glory even at the cost of their life rather than be labeled a coward. Bead Fairies are no exception. Even though Bead Fairies are regarded as a support class, they can still be developed into deadly PVP adversaries on the battlefield. Now, let’s talk about Bead Fairy’s 1v1 PvP tips. First, we will assume that both sides are almost the same level, and are equipped with almost the same equipment and pets.

Bead Fairy vs. Bead Fairy
When fighting another Bead Fairy, they should utilize their healing spells properly. I suggest that Bead Fairy cast their Healing Wave spell as soon as combat begins. This ensures the beneficial effects brought by the Healing Wave spell can work during combat. The other 2 healing spells-Lesser Healing and Greater Healing should be used properly according to what happens in battle.

Bead Fairy vs. Summoner
While fighting, a Bead Fairy should first focus their attacks on the Summoner to drive him back and then cast Thunder Maul and Thunder-calling spells as soon as possible to attack the Ti-tsang. Then, the Ti-tsang will be killed easily. After that, the Bead Fairy has to heal herself first and then attack the Summoner again. In addition, whilst fighting a Sumoner, the Bead Fairy had better be equipped with a mirror trinket.

Bead Fairy vs. Sun Warrior
Sun Warriors are melee experts who want to get in close and go hand to hand. So, when encountering a hostile Sun Warrior, the Bead Fairy must first reduce their movement, and then quickly cast ranged spells such as Ice Curtain, Bigger Ice Curtain and Thunder-calling. When the Sun Warrior has low health, the Bead Fairy can use Thunder Strike, Thunder Bash or Thunder Maul spells to give him a deadly blow.

Bead Fairy vs. Moonmaiden
Moonmaidens have a high chance of striking critically, but the Bead Fairies’ Epic equipment should be able to resist these critical strikes, which makes Moonmaidens a bit weak for Bead Fairies. Cast high damage spells as soon as possible to attack.

Bead Fairy vs. Swordsman
Swordsman is good at dealing high damage quickly but their defense is often lacking. When fighting against a Swordsman, Bead Fairy must first cast Thunder Strike, Thunder Bash or Thunder Maul spells, and then cast Ice Curtain, Bigger Ice Curtain or Thunder-calling spells. During combat, Bead Fairy should always take note of their health and prepare for healing at anytime because they may receive a high damage blow at any time. Also, the Swordsman’s Blow spell has a very long attack range and it is almost impossible to get out of their attack range. The key is finishing the Swordsmen off quickly.

Even though Bead Fairies can be good damage dealers, they cannot kill their opponents every time, especially if they attempt to escape. After all, Bead Fairies do not guarantee a 100% chance to reduce the opponent’s movement. As a result, when the Bead Fairy has an advantage, she must try her best to slay the enemy as quickly as possible.

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