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Penguin hits the ground running with Essential Travel Kit for Nintendo DSi

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

10 in 1 Travel Kit Packs Only Accessories Gamers Actually Need as They Travel the World

Most video game travel kits are filled with a bunch of knick-knacks that most gamers neither want nor use. Penguin United has eliminated the junky frills and launched a travel kit for Nintendo DSi that is equipped with only essential road trip accessories.

Gamers just want to play their favorite games while they travel and Penguin’s Essential Travel Kit contains only what they need. Included in the kit:

· Sound: High Quality Stereo Ear Buds

· Storage: Quality, Sturdy Game Cartridge Pouch Stores up to 24 Game Cartridges

· Carry: Easy to Carry Travel Pouch Holds DS Game Cartridges, AC Adaptors, Extra Stylus’, Car Charger, and Much More

· Protection: Set of 2X Adhesive Protection Lenses, a Squeegee for Air Bubbles and a Cleaning Cloth

· Travel: Car Charger to Keep the DSi Charged on the Road

· Cover: Premium Quality Protective Cover Protects your DSi against daily Wear and Tear

· Replacement: 3X Replacement Stylus’

· Pricing: SRP $24.99

“The Essential Travel Kit is all you need to hit the road with your DSi,” stated Richard Huang, President of Penguin United. “We’ve eliminated all the extra junk that often come inside travel kits and boiled it down to its essence, or essentials I should say.”

Dawn of Discovery PC demo available now.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Today Ubisoft announced that an official Dawn of Discovery demo is available for Windows-based PCs. The demo can be downloaded at:

In this demo, players will discover a stunningly rich universe and will be able to build their own gigantic metropolises while exploring the Orient.

The Dawn of Discovery demo features:

- The two first missions of the campaign

- A 60 minutes continuous game including most of the technologies, buildings and units of the full game

About Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery takes place in the year 1404, when King George’s land is suffering from severe droughts and brutal famine. Aware of his people’s distress, the king calls on his two sons, William and Edward, to acquire new territories in order to produce enough goods to satisfy the needs of his empire’s inhabitants. Whereas Edward suggests aggressive means to collect the precious resources, his brother William offers a peaceful solution, proposing to explore new and unsettled lands in the south of the kingdom. With his Father’s blessing, William heads south to the mysterious Orient and returns with valuable new technologies such as the water pump that allows dry lands to be cultivated in order to produce enough food for the people. But there are still many unmet needs within the king’s empire, and players are tasked with the mission of fulfilling those needs while both expanding and sustaining the vast society.

Dawn of Discovery will be available on June 25th 2009 for the PC, Wii and DS.

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood Goes Gold!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Today Ubisoft announces that Call of Juarez Bound in Blood for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC has gone gold.

About Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is the prequel to the Wild West action shooter Call of Juarez. As the McCall brothers, players enter a doomed quest for the legendary Gold of Juarez leading them from a ravaged Georgia during the Civil War to the Aztec ruins of Mexico. They make their lawless trail into the wildest West ever depicted, using their gunslinging skills and killing all of those that stand before them. But when the brothers face lust, their bond of blood feels thinner than ever

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood will be available end of June 2009 for X360, PS3 and PC!!

Pangea Software Releases Enigmo 3.0 Update with In-App Level Purchases for iPhone™ OS 3.0

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Pangea Software, is proud to announce that Enigmo 3.0, a free update for its award-winning physics based puzzle game, is available now for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch.

Enigmo 3.0 has been updated to take advantage of the new in-app purchasing capabilities of the iPhone OS 3.0. When users run Enigmo 3.0 on iPhone OS 3.0 they have the ability to purchase additional Level Packs which are created by Pangea Software. There are currently two new Level Packs available: Kid’s Pack #1 and Kid’s Pack #2. The new levels in each of these Level Packs have been designed specifically for kids.

“I get a lot of emails from people who say that their kids love to play Enigmo, but some of the levels are too difficult for the younger ones,” said Brian Greenstone, president of Pangea Software. “So, for our first Level Packs we designed 50 new levels which are much easier than the ones that come with Enigmo, but they still present a challenge – perfect for kids!”

Level Packs are available for $.99, and Pangea Software will be releasing more downloadable content in the coming months.

Enigmo is the ultimate 3D puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch! To complete each level the player will need to manipulate various streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets can reach their destination. Liquids (water, oil, and lava) fall from droppers, and will bounce off walls in a visually stunning cascade. By moving various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges, the player diverts the flow of the falling droplets. The faster players complete each level the more bonus points they receive.

For more information about Pangea Software or its products, please visit:

Current owners of Enigmo can download the 3.0 update for the iPhone and iPod touch gaming platforms by visiting:

Smule and Apple are announcing the availability of the critically acclaimed Leaf Trombone: World Stage exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0.

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

• That’s right: 3.0 required

• New Duet Mode features iPhone OS 3.0 Gamekit peer-to-peer Bluetooth
• “Achievement Alerts” via iPhone OS 3.0 new push service

“iPhone OS 3.0 fundamentally changes the mobile social experience,” said Dr. Ge Wang, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Smule, and Assistant Professor at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). “With OS 3.0, mobile applications are not limited to passive, isolated experiences, but instead may achieve a new level of social engagement.”

To celebrate the arrival of OS 3.0 and the new Leaf Trombone, Smule is hosting a contest: “Feel The Love”.

Contest Video:

Every other week for the next eight weeks, Smule will be awarding $500 in cash to the user with the most love:

1. Signup on;

2. Perform a song on “Leaf Trombone: World Stage”, and note of the “Session ID” once your performance is judged;

3. Get loved from any users viewing your performance

Encourage your biggest fans to download the free version of Leaf Trombone at:”>Leaf”>full

Enter the Session ID in the Observe menu on the World Stage, and then heart your performance.

Interesting leaf trombone stats since launching the product six weeks ago:

•Leaf Trombone users have judged in approximately 850,000 sessions online

• Using the online composer, Leaf Trombone users have contributed more than 4,250 songs to the user community

• The top jurist, Gabe, hales from the upper east side of New York City, and has judged 1,945 sessions thus far

• The top performer, Daniel, hales from an Indianapolis suburb, and has performed 490 times on the world stage; on the negative side, Daniel has “chicken exited” 115 times

• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star remains the most popular song among leaf trombonists, and has been performed 19,803 times

Konami releases new content and the famed “Shadow Moses” map for Metal Gear Online

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Konami unveiled today, a new map, character and reward mode, all now available for METAL GEAR ONLINE, the ultimate squad-based, tactical-espionage action title based on the popular METAL GEAR SOLID franchise. The latest content will be available to players who have purchased the SCENE Expansion Pack.

Best suited for medium-to long-range combat, the new map — Icebound Inferno – will be recognized by fans of the franchise as the famed “Shadow Moses” map from the first METAL GEAR SOLID game. The map features an Arctic Island that consists of a large snowfield with buildings of varying heights.

In addition, the download allows players to use Old Snake as a unique character and the Octo-cam suit as a weapon. In a twist, Old Snake will not become completely invisible when using the suit, but will automatically blend with the environment. The latest download will also include an Auto Matching Reward mode in which the winner of the match wins more reward points than normal. When playing an individual match in this mode, only the winner receives the reward points while in a team match, the team member ranked first will win the reward points.

Metal Gear Online is the online multi-player experience that is included free in the retail version of METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, developed exclusively for the PS3 computer entertainment system. Three expansion packs – GENE, MEME and SCENE – are currently available for purchase via METAL GEAR ONLINE’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop ( In addition to traditional methods of payment for purchase, the PlayStation® Network Wallet prepay system which is now available as a form of payment.

I-Play Brings Jewel Quest Deluxe to iPhone, iPod Touch and Mobile Platforms

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Based On the Best-Selling Adventure Match 3 for PC, iPhone Version Now Available at the Apple App Store

Pack your bags and grab your canteen, because the brand-new Jewel Quest Deluxe for iPhone, iPod touch and mobile is now available for download. The newest installment of the top-selling Jewel Quest franchise-which has generated over 7 million downloads-Jewel Quest Deluxe is the most advanced Match 3 game to date. The game features a host of new modes including Multiplayer Pass & Play and Battle Mode – which brings players into a heated head-to-head competition to uncover jewels and solve mysterious puzzles. Boasting an all-new storyline that takes players to the farthest reaches of India, Jewel Quest Deluxe delivers a wild adventure filled with unpredictable twists and turns.

In Jewel Quest Deluxe for iPhone, iPod touch and mobile, players battle against eight clever opponents and clear the jewel board through 36 stunning levels. As they progress through the story, they will face challenging adventures in a city by the Ganges, the Indian jungles and Indian desert. Providing the most seasoned Match 3 player with mind-bending challenges, even Quest masters will need to be at the top of their game to unlock power-ups and hidden hammer powers during battle. Those looking for an even greater challenge will enjoy the brand-new multi-player Pass & Play Mode, where players face off with friends to clear the jewel board. Additionally, players can opt for rapid jewel matching challenges in Quick Play Mode to sharpen puzzle skills in a snap.

The follow-up to Jewel Quest 2, which was one of the top Apps of 2008, Jewel Quest Deluxe for iPhone contains many additional exclusive features including stunning 3D animations, graphics and visual effects perfectly tailored for flawless touch-screen controls. Enhancing the experience even more are an exotic, Indian-themed soundtrack, and the ability to challenge friends and foes with WiFi multiplayer capabilities. Players wishing to flaunt their extraordinary scores can share online using Facebook Connect to bring buddies into battle.

Jewel Quest Deluxe is now available at the Apple App Store for $2.99.

True Games’ Warrior Epic Prepares it’s first expansion

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Warriors– Get Ready for New Content Next Month with All-New PVP Gameplay and A New Region to Explore!

True Games announced that it is preparing the first expansion of new content and features for its recently launched MMORPG, Warrior Epic ( The new expansion is scheduled to launch in July and will include all-new PVP gameplay that will be available to players who are level ten or higher. In addition, the expansion will also offer an all-new mid to high level region, “Trogken Swamps”, which will feature tons of new missions, monsters, and unique gear for your Warriors.

“Our promise to the Warrior Epic community is that the game will never get stale or repetitive,” said Peter Cesario, Director of Product and Business Development at True Games. “We want Warrior Epic fans to find something new and exciting about the game every time they login, and this new expansion is just one of many great gameplay updates they can look forward to as the community continues to grow.”

Warrior Epic is an online, action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe. In the game, players will assume command of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures. They can recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes, each with its own style of play. The Classes and the Hall itself can be upgraded visually as well as functionally. Players adventure together in multiplayer campaigns, adventure mode, solo quests and soon, PVP.

One of the most unique aspects of Warrior Epic is that death does not mean the end of a warrior. Instead, it opens totally new and strategic options for players. The game’s unique Warrior Spirits System enables fallen warriors to not only be revived at any time at their hall, but also to be transformed into Spirits that can be bound to weapons to increase and open weapon abilities and skills, or they can be called out to inflict massive damage depending on player needs.

For more information and to join the Warrior Epic community, visit

Sword of the Stars: Argos Naval Yard Available Today

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Paradox Interactive today announced that the new expansion pack, Argos Naval Yard, to the critically acclaimed 4X space strategy game series Sword of the Stars is releasing today. The game will be available on the four major digital download portals: GamersGate, Impulse, Steam and Direct2Drive.

Argos Naval Yard is an expansion to Sword of the Stars and requires previously released expansions or Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection. Argos Naval Yard will provide players with:

• 19 new technologies, including Advanced Drones, Overthrusters, two new Satellite designs, defensive Interceptor micro-missiles, and Polarized Plasmatics, unlocking a new weapon type

• Over 75 new ship sections to build

• 10 new weapons, including the new inertial cannons, Kelvinic torpedoes, and the fearsome Rail Cannon

• 3 New Scenarios

• Single Player / Multi-player with co-op scenario maps

Sword of the Stars: Argos Naval Yard is available on GamersGate, Impulse, Steam and Direct2Drive for a SRP of $8.99 and £6.99.

Get Hitched in Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Marry for Love or Power with new Wedding System

NDOORS Interactive today announced the debut of a new social feature in their acclaimed MMORPG Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu. Starting today, players will have the ability to get married in the game. The new wedding system will allow two willing parties to tie the virtual knot and have their union officially recognized in-game. A marriage in Luminary will bestow benefits upon the couple, as some will marry for love and others will marry for political alliances.

In order to wed in Luminary, players can simply travel to the church west of Trania, where at least one party has to make their marriage proposal. Both boy and girl characters must obtain a Marriage License and be unmarried for the proposal to be executed. Once these conditions are met, the two parties will agree on a date and time for their wedding.

On the day of their wedding, the newlyweds will be teleported inside of the church where the ceremony will be carried out by the Wedding NPC. The bride and groom will receive a temporary gown and tuxedo, with a Flower Crown for the bride. Several questions will be asked of the couple by the Wedding NPC, and the bride and groom may answer freely. While the wedding ceremony takes place, news of the nuptials will be scrolled across the bottom of the game.

The wedding is just the beginning of married life and it will take effort from the bride and groom to maintain a happy union. Purchasing a Pink Rose from Clara will award the married couple with Affection Points, which in turn will bestow an added bonus to status effects. After a couple has been successfully married for 1 year (12 days game-time), they can celebrate their anniversary and the couple will receive a gift.

Luminary is a free-to-play MMORPG that incorporates real-world politics and economics. Players are citizens of the Luminary world who not only battle monsters, but engage in the production of new goods, trade commodities, stocks, and real estate, and even hire NPCs. Additionally, a player can advance to the pinnacle of success, the GoonZu, by being elected by his gaming peers.

For more information on Luminary please visit: