New Space Ark trailer released

Take your Space Ark scoring combos to the max in this year’s biggest fruit-stravaganza!

We all know that fruit is good for your health, but did you know that digital fruit is great for racking up ridiculously high scores?! Well, indie game developer Strawdog Studios has released a brand new video to show how getting more than your regular five-a-day can propel you to the top of the leaderboard in Space Ark, the classically addictive, yet digitally nutritious Arcade game to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the premier destination for digitally distributed games, this Spring.

The trailer can also be viewed at

Skilled Space Ark players wanting to beat their friends’ high scores must collect the longest combos, gather the best fruit, and reach the highest Level Ups to multiply their scores.

· Trigger a ‘Fruit Frenzy’: Collecting same-color combos of three or more DNA blocks to trigger a hail of falling fruit, all ripe for the gathering by your Arkonaut or Bounce Pad.

· Max your score with ‘Level Up’: Fruit fuels your Power Meter and each Level Up increases your score multiplier. Juicy!

· You want seriously huge scores? Longer combos yield better fruit to fill the Power Meter even quicker and reach the higher score-multiplying Level Ups. There are 21 different fruits to gather ranging from the modest cherry—created by a 3 block combo—to the magnificent melon—nabbed by the ultimate 15 block combo which fills your Power Meter by a whopping 33%.

· Want even more? Grab B O N U S to unlock the ‘Bonus Stage’ and feast on falling fruit to boost your score.

So remember: in Space Ark,it’s all about the fruit. Get all the best fruit and you’ll become the top banana!

Space Ark has been co-financed by EM Media through the European Regional Development Fund, invested in Strawdog Studios’ sister company Bounce Entertainment Software Limited.

For more on Space Ark please visit the official website at

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