GodsWar Online: Show Your Pride and Power with Titles

In GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com), titles are more than a sign of your accomplishments; they’re also a way to improve your character’s stats. With a rich variety of titles to choose from, players have a chance to visibly boast of their prowess while adding to it. After earning a title, simply activate it and your achievement will be plain to see as it floats above your head instantly boosts your stats. To learn more about the many types of titles available, check out the following categories, then log in and try some out for yourself to discover the benefits of your bragging rights.

Advancement Titles
To win such a title, players must meet certain level and power requirements. For example, when a Mage has reached Level 40 and increased spell power to 220, they can choose the Star Ray title. Advancement title requirements vary from class to class.

Quest Titles
These titles are earned by completing specific quests available to players who have advanced to the prerequisite level. For example, the “Hero’s Trial 1” quest is only available to level 70+ players and awards the Hero’s Path title upon completion. Most of these quests are difficult for characters near the minimum required level, so completing them early can earn you a great deal of respect.

Stat Titles
Some titles unlock once you’ve met some stat requirements. One good way to quickly augment stats is by equipping better gear, so improving your equipment can turn out to be doubly valuable. One example is the Lion’s Blood title, earned when a player’s maximum health reaches 20,000.

Event and Instance Titles
While these can only be obtained by participating in events and exploring instanced zones, you’ll also need to perform well to earn such titles. Scoring high enough will require a team that works well together, so these titles can be a challenge to unlock. Others are simply about beating incredible odds. For instance, the proud Greek Polymath title is only awarded for finishing in first place during a Quiz Contest that is open to all players on a server.

Marriage Titles
Only characters who get married in the game are awarded these titles. These unique, personalized titles mark you as somebody’s husband, somebody’s love, and so on. While ceremonies are nice, to earn the best titles in this category, you and your partner will need to overcome some serious challenges.

Visit the official GodsWar Online site at http://gw.igg.com for additional details about the wide range of titles available. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.

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